Projects and Activities (2019/20)

1º ESO 

Halloween  (M.I.)

Halloween (Reading & Writing A1)

4º ESO

Make a difference (First term oral exam)

A school exchange (Second term Oral test)


Projects and Activities (2018/19)

1º ESO 

My favourite word (European Day of Languages)

Me, my family and friends (1st term oral test)

Writing Christmas cards

New Year´s Resolutions 

Be my Valentine!

Books are... (World book day)

4º ESO

Learning foreign languages (European Day of Languages)

A Haunted house (Halloween Writing contest)

Make a difference (First term oral test) 

Let´s start after Christmas! (roulette)

Flip Grid Pals Topics

Love Actually (Saint Valentine´s Day)
Six word stories (Writing)

A school exchange (2nd term oral test)

Fridays for future_Saavedra 

Irregular verbs (Interactive game)

Projects and Activities (2017/18)

1º ESO

Me, my family and friends   (1st term Oral test)

Writing Christmas Cards

Christmas with Mrs Claus

New Year´s Resolutions

Saint Valentine´s Day  (PADLET)

International Women's Day (P.Education & English Didactic Unit)

My favourite animal   (2nd term Oral test)


World Book Day

Denmark loves bicycles

Me and my kingdom

Projects and Activities (2016/17)

4º ESO

European Day of Languages: 

"Used to" SONG: Somebody I used to know  Video

Projects and Communicative activities: 

Projects and Activities (2015/16)

3º ESO

Videoblog Project: Film sequences

Europe Day: Europe, take action!


Radio Podcasts on Environmental problems

St. Valentine´s day:

4º ESO Proyecto integrado "Art and Culture in English speaking countries"

4º ESO Diversificación
Project "Job Interview"

European Union Webquest
Posters Conflicto sirio

Projects and Activities (2014/15)
3º ESO:
             Activity in 3º ESO:

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