13 de marzo de 2013

TESOL 36th Annual Convention, Sevilla 2013

This year the annual TESOL-Spain Convention was held at the University of Seville, 8th-10th March 2013.

The motto of TESOL-SPAIN 36th Annual National Convention was Teaching with Technology and the Human Touch and aimed to provide ideas and share experiences relating to the process of teaching and learning of English through new technologies without forgetting the human aspect involved in this process.

    Although I have to go over my notes in order to comment on the blog the conferences I attended, today I offer you the presentation of the workshop that Ester Molina, President of CETA, and me gave at TESOL-Spain and that was called "Building Students Self-confidence and Creativity through Blogs and Scrapbooks".

    This workshop was aimed at showing teachers the potential of using blogs and scrapbooks in the ELT classroom in order to build students' self-­esteem and creativity. We looked at some blogs and scrapbooks, learn to create one and how to use it in a collaborative way. 
    Blogs and scrapbooks give an added didactic value to our work: the development of students' key competences such as linguistic communication, processing information and use of ICT, as well as cultural and artistic competences.
    As such, blogs and scrapbooks are a fun way to develop and empower students' creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills.

    The process of creating a blog, managing and setting posts and comments, as well as tutorials and a list of plug-ins for content production, sharing and embedding (photos, vídeos, podcasts, presentations, avatars, music, publications, posters, etc...) in our Presentation at PREZI:

    HANDOUT "Building Students Self-confidence and Creativity through Blogs and Scrapbooks"  (By Ester Molina and Pilar Torres)

    LIST of plug-ins for blogs

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