24 de abril de 2012

The Olympic games and the Fifth of May

Following the programme of the course "Learning and Teaching English celebrations", in the last session we have dealt with the Olympic Games and the fifth of May.
This is the presentation on these topics made by Thomas Walter, the lecturer:

All the participants in this course have some time that has been specifically designed to explain the activities they do in class to teach their students english through its culture. They share their lesson plans, resources, estrategies, etc... with the rest.We always do it in half an hour at the end of each session. This time a group of teachers came up with the following teaching ideas for April Fool's Day:
Pre-activity:We tell the students that the government has announced that the timetables are going to change so that from Easter on, they are going to have lessons in the morning and the afternoon, after a short break for lunch. Preferably, the Head would announce that, to lend credibility to our story.
After a few moments of panic (allow the students to scream for a minute!) we tell them it’s a joke, because that day is April Fool’s Day. We show a short video  that explains it, and we ask the students to connect it to the Spanish “Día de los Inocentes” (28th December)
We give the students some “stories” to read. They have to guess which ones are real, authentic stories and which ones are fake. Then they have to explain why they think so. (see Document 1)
Post-activity:Since students usually like to write bizarre stories, we ask them to make up their own ones. They should take care that what they write has at least the appearance of truth, so that the story could be considered a “genuine” one and then fool others. To make it a bit more complicated they have to include in their text 5 words that they have taken out of a bag (at random) Top 100 April Fool's Day Hoaxes of All TimeAll the materials are being uploaded to a blog that will be made public at the end of the course.
Next session: 25th april: St. George's Day and May Day.

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