18 de marzo de 2019

ERASMUS+ "Reporters without frontiers" in Paris (1st day)

"Reporters without frontiers" ERASMUS students and teachers participating in this mobility, arrived in Paris on Saturday 16th March.
At the airport both ERASMUS+ projects in our school met: KA219 project students to Paris and KA103 project students to Varsov, Poland.

During the weekend, students visited the city with their host families.
On Monday 18th, we were received by teachers at the host school,
Lycée Paul Claudel D'Hulst, located in the center of Paris, and invited to have breakfast.

After it, students from all the contries (Iceland, Greece, Germany and Spain) presented their travel books
They are a constant in our ERASMUS+ project: Weeks before the mobility the country that hosts the transnational meeting sends the rest of countries photos, sounds and videos for foreign students to prepare a presentation about them. These audiovisual elements are related to monumental and cultural aspects of the country and students have to describe what they think the photos, videos and sounds are and their impressions on them. This is the Spanish Travel Book.

After the presentations, we had some ice-breaking activities in order to know ourselves a little bit more, and took the group photo with all the participants.
Then, students and teachers, in the four different groups, began to prepare the interviews they are going to have with experts and associations working in the following topics:
  • Refugiees.
  • Poverty / Gentrification
  • Nationalism and Xenophobia
  • Health and Sustainable development.  
We had lunch at the school canteen and after lunch, group 1 (where I have been assigned) and 3 went to watch the photographic exhibition at LE BAL. We saw the exhibition "Scenes" by Alex Majoli.
Although his works are series of photographies on different countries (Congo, Brasil, etc..) there was a big wall of 30 photographies that reflect the raising of nationalisms in Europe: The crisis of refugees, Political demonstrations, humanitarian emergencies and moments of daily life. 

LE BAL Alex Majoli Exhibition
What holds all these disparate images together, at first glance at least, is the quality of light and the sense of human theatre. A sense that we are all actors attempting, failing and resisting the playing of parts that history and circumstance demand; and a sense that we are all interconnected. Somehow. 

Groups 2 and 4 interviewed the second district major´s manager assistant, les vertes, the green party. This is the only green party in Paris districts. Afterwards, they walked around Palais Royale and the Louvre pyramids. 

Finally, students went home with their mates and teachers had a meeting in order to arrange the next tasks in our project and the next coordination meeting in Iceland.

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