19 de marzo de 2019

ERASMUS+ "Reporters without frontiers" in Paris (2nd day)

Today students and teachers in Group 1 (working in Refugees topic) have visited the association Paul Clever aimed at helping refugees integrate into French society. 
Pierre Claver is located in the heart of Paris, steps away from the National Assembly. This location makes Pierre Claver easily accessible for, not only their students, but also their French friends.

This private association was founded ten years ago and is basically a school. It relies only on private funds. 

Our students interviewed the director of this association, Hamman, and the woman in charge of it. 

ERASMUS students showed their interest about the origins of the association, their objectives, the kind of help they provide to refugees, etc... And this is part of the information they got for their final report:

Pierre Claver offered a place for asylum seekers to meet the French and study while waiting to be granted refugee status in France. Pierre Claver continued to offer assistance after students receive a residence card and work authorization. 

This assistance can take the form of guidance in their job search or further education that fits the student’s abilities and desires. Pierre Claver has partnered with a diverse group of institutions to finance the continued education of former students.

Today, the Association has chosen to concentrate its efforts on the actual integration of those who had already been granted refugee status. They propose an intensive program of  six months for those who still desire to improve their French language and culture, in order to find a job better adapted to their competence,  apply for French citizenship or pursue higher education in France.

The school welcomes 120 students every semester. This small size fosters a true community between students. They are a family there and many of their former students continue to engage with the association by helping new students adjust to life in France.

By enrolling in Pierre Claver, students promise to respect the rules of this establishment: a commitment to being an active participant in every class and a promise to always engage in a respectful and friendly manner to all classmates and teachers.

All those who are enrolled in Pierre Claver are welcome at any hour: to learn French, to take part in cultural activities such as theater or dance, to meet with friends, take part in sports and cultural events, or even just to use the Internet.

At the end of the interview, we had lunch there. It is open as a restaurant too and I must say the food is excellent. 

After lunch, we came back to school and teacher Salát took us to make a city tour around one of the most popular areas: first in Boulevard Saint Germain and then around the Quartier Latin, where, among other places, we visited the oldest church in Paris, la abadía de Saint-Germain-des-Prés and the house in the rue des Grands Augustines, where Picasso lived and painted. his famous "Guernica".

We finished the tour walking back to the school having a stroll along the river Seine. 

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