5 de agosto de 2009

I am in Cork (Ireland)

Yes, here we are. I am having a course on teacher training.

Cork, beautiful city, 18 degrees and showers, and....full of spanish people!

Almost everybody in my class is spanish, even from the same city.

Cork is not a very big city so you can go walking and see interesting buildings, pubs, etc... in the city centre.

In fact, it is a nice place to visit, the landscapes are worth seeing, green everywhere. It is not surprising at all as it rains most of the time. Today we are lucky and it is a sunny and warm day.

Nevertheless, it is nice to come back home and light the fireplace. As it is a farm house, my daughter is very proud of helping the landlady to pick up the eggs of the hens.

Of course...I am drinking beer...

The most challenging achievement is to drive on the "wrong side" of the road.

2 comentarios:

Manuela Jiménez de Cisneros Anguita dijo...

The fireplace!
It seems you are having a great time. I really love Ireland and its weather, especially when I am in Córdoba in august.
Enjoy your time and your beers... My children are eager to visit Ireland again.
Best wishes

Pilar Torres dijo...

Thanks, Manuela.

We are enjoying a lot and specially my daughter. As we are living in a farm house, she helps the landlady to pick up the eggs of the hens.

The most difficult thing is to drive on the left. It is really a challenge!!