16 de febrero de 2012

LEARNING AND TEACHING ENGLISH CELEBRATIONS: Pancake Day. The 200th anniversary of Charles Dickens´birth

Following the programme of the course "Learning and Teaching English celebrations", yesterday Neda Milenova, teacher trainer and translator, talked about Pancake Day (that is celebrated on 21st february this year) and also about the celebration of the 200th anniversary of Charles Dickens.
Neda presented different and interesting activities as well as useful resources to teach students the origin and customs in the UK related to these festivities. Most of them were done in small groups in an interactive way, discusing them and adding new ideas and ways to adapt the activities to the students´age.

At the end of the session two of the participants gave talks about the celebration we dealt with in the previous session and that they have already carried on with their students, about Saint Valentine´s Day. Their presentations/materials are uploaded to the blog for this course that will be made public at the end of this activity.

Next 7th march we will talk about Saint Patrick Day and April fools´ Day. Don´t skip the class!!

This is the presentation by Neda on Charles Dickens and Pancake Day:

Pancake Day Quiz
- Pancake Day lyrics (gaps) 
- Shrove Tuesday Links 

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