16 de octubre de 2016

Reporters without frontiers: Our Erasmus+ visit (Heusenstamm, Germany)

From 9th to 14th October, project coordinators and teachers participating in the Erasmus+ Project (KA219) "Reporters without frontiers" met in Heusenstamm in order to design the main lines of the project and students´mobilities as well as to define the different project levels and topics to work on in the different countries. Refugees, Environmental issues, Health, Capitalism and politics, etc...

We have had the chance of meeting our teacher partners in Germany, Iceland, France and Greece and have enjoyed our stay in the school with teachers and students at Adolf-Reichwein Gymnasium

The local newspaper reported our visit and its purpose just the day we began working in the project. 

The one below is our School presentation. We made it in front of the participant teachers so that they already know about the main feautures of our school, the plans and programmes we carry out, the variety of vocational training courses related to image, sound and video we offer our students, etc...

Arts are closely related to our project as our schools offer students this teaching. Because of that, as the main goal of the project, students in the different countries are going to develop their work dealing with images, sound files and videos: Newspapers, a travel book, radio broadcast, TV programme, etc.. are going to be the final products our "Reporters without frontiers" will be involved in throughout the project. 

Related to arts and to make the most of our stay in Frankfurt, we finished our stay in Germany visiting two exhibitions: Emmy´s world (at Fotografie Forum Frankfurt) and Ulay life-sized (at Schirn Kunsthalle).

Thanks to everybody for having participated in this visit and especially to the German coordinators who have provided us a wonderful experience to collaborate among countries in order to enhance our students´awareness on XXI century issues together with the use of sound, image and video to express their feelings, ideas and investigations. 

We have agreed to check the use of the Ed-Modo platform for students and teachers in the different countries to interact and blog to publish their works. 

Now it is time to work with the rest of the Erasmus+ team, teachers, students and families in order to prepare students and teachers´ visit in Spain next January. 

Precisely as we have been in Germany these days, we weren´t able to attend the initial training meeting for Erasmus+ Projects (KA219) held in Valencia last week, but we have the presentations uploaded in SEPIE Spain webpage
Comunicaciones Jornadas Proyectos Erasmus+

Photos of this visit. Slide.ly video and gallery:

Heusenstamm, Erasmus+ Visit Germany by Slidely Photo Gallery

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