30 de noviembre de 2018

ERASMUS+ TLT meeting in Heusenstamm (third day)

During the third day of our TLT meeting in Heusenstamm, students in my group, the group of "Refugees and right winged politics", interviewed Cathrine Brouwer, member ot the organisation AWOlocal association that helps refugees.

Cathrine reiterated several times the importance of language learning for refugees as it is the first barrier they find. Language learning improves refugees´social cohesion and their perspectives for integration and job opportunities. 
She explained profusely how her organisation helps refugees in their daily lives from the first moment they arrive (paperwork, language classes, etc...). Apart from governamental help, they count on volunteers. As far as this personal attention is concerned, plenty of volunteers are needed. 

In the afternoon, a group of refugees from Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iran and Jamaica attended the interview of our students. 
They did not give us the reasons why they came to Germany but their experiences here. Some of these experiences were a reflection of a part of society´s opinion where still ratial discrimination is a reality. 

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