23 de marzo de 2019

ERASMUS+ "Reporters without frontiers" in Paris (5th day)

The last day at Lycée Paul Claudel D'Hulst school in our transnational "Reporters without frontiers" project meeting in Paris, students were within their groups, preparing the audiovisual materials for the presentation they have to make at the end of the day.

The presentations were preceded by a short speech by the school headmaster and the coordinator or this ERASMUS+ project, who welcomed assistants and thanked teachers and students for these three years of intense work. 

Students presented their work, impressions and opinions on the interviews they had been doing along the week in the four topics of this visit:

  • Refugiees.
  • Poverty / Gentrification 
  • Nationalism and Xenophobia
  • Health and Sustainable development. 

After their presentations, all participants were given our attendance certificates.

I do not know if it is because the memories of this week are still so vivid or because after three years we know quite well each others, but, no doubt that every visit has something special and this one this has been the warmness and understanding of people. Our friendship has overcome any problem, any circumstances because, above everything, empathy is what entitles our essence as human beings. 

So, thank you, my ERASMUS+ French friends, for being there, for your warm welcome, for you charming smiles, for your time and effort, for your kindness, your collaboration, and so on....

See you soon in Iceland!!

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