14 de noviembre de 2007

My study visit in Prague

Hello everybody!! I am still in Prague. It is a very nice city and too cold. I am really not used to these temperatures.

Today has been my third day in the course about interactive boards.

I considered writing about this experience when I came back to Córdoba, but one of my classmates, Karlien from Belgium, has told me she is writing every night in his blog and I felt like doing the same.
First at all I have to say I didn´t know anything about interactive boards before coming here and I´m finding interesting didactic uses of these kinds of boards. They really rise students´motivation but also it is hard work for teachers to create these presentations. It is time consuming but the results are worthy.
Easier to use (because of its simple tools) is the active board.
SMART BOARD Software (free download)

We have assisted several classes at Junior Language School on different subjects. On monday we saw teachers of Physics, History, English and Music revising contents of their subjects with their students. It was really interactive because in some cases students have to complete missing parts of sentences, correct mistakes, associate people and events, etc.. using the interactive blackboards and the pen provided for these blackboards; in others with a simple touch on the blackboard they move the learning objects, find hidden items, etc.. and all this in front of their classmates and with the inmediate feedback from their teacher.
Have a look at one example of interactive activity (although it is much more attractive using the interactive board) at:

Students can also have the active vote (it is a classroom test) and, with the help of a remote control, choose the correct answer in multiple choice exercises. See the photo of this remote control for active vote:

We have also had several talks with experts in teacher training in this field, responsibles of several projects, seminars organisers, etc...(we had even a meeting with the major of Prague 3, in the photo)

Although we don´t have time to see Prague, today the coordinator of the course prepared a tour for us with the kids of the school as guides. It has been a nice opportunity to see Prague despite the weather. It is the worst part of this visit: It is very cold here and it snows most of the time. The best part are my partners in the group: people form Belgium, Turkey, Greece, Austria and Ireland (in the photos below)

I will keep on writing tomorrow, but if you want to know more about this course, go and see Karlien´s blog (sorry, it is in flemish) and to see more photos the blog my husband has opened to describe his impressions during his stay here.

There are also some of them in the picture gallery of the course.
See you!!

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Manuel Dorado dijo...

Hello, Pilar: veo que tu viaje está siendo muy provechoso. A pesar de mi mediocre inglés he entendido que estás familiarizándote con el uso de las pizarras digitales y otros recursos tecnológicos. Cuando vuelvas ya nos pondrás al día. Espero que el resto de tu estancia en Praga sea muy gratificante y provechosa. Un abrazo.