12 de marzo de 2013

English Workshop: SPEAKING

Last week we finished the training activity aimed at teachers of English and at those who teach their subjects through English:

Evaluation questionnaires have shown participants are very satisfied with the achievements of the course objectives and the teaching experiences they have shared. 

In the last session of this course, we dealt with Speaking.

Here is a brief list of some articles and resources you may want to have a look in relation to the Speaking session.

And this is Neda´s presentation on Speaking:

All the participants have been collaborating in THE BLOG OF THE COURSE (the collaborative virtual site of this activity) sharing their ideas, lesson plans, didactic strategies and resources they use/have elaborated to develop the contents of this workshop in their teaching practice. 

Thanks everybody for your participation and contributions to the blog, and thanks to Neda Mirova, the speaker, whose materials, links and presentations are also uploaded to the blog.  
You can access them by clicking on the labels:
We will keep on using the blog for future activities to share strategies, materials, lesson plans, etc...

Nevertheless, feel free to add any comment on the posts or suggesting activities related to teaching English as a second language whenever you feel like.
Hope to see you again!

Here some photographs of the course:

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