24 de abril de 2013

Let's join to grow and share... now and ever

We did it once again!

The Association of Teachers of English from Córdoba (CETA), in collaboration with the Teacher Training Center of Córdoba, held its 14th CETA conference "Lets Join to Grow and Share" last Saturday 20th April 2013 (code 12148LB03).

We enjoyed talks and workshops aimed at providing teachers of English and those who teach their subject through this language, with the methodological strategies and resources in the field of English teaching: CLIL methodology, 
the new technologies applied to the design of teaching materials, the development of oral and written students´skills, the role of English teachers, the implementation of ELP in bilingual skills, the connection between language and culture, etc...

I have collected all the documents and presentations shown at XIV Jornadas CETA in this SITE.

In this sense, Nader Al Jallad delighted us with his presentation on language and cultures and included a huge number of practical teaching ideas and documents to work on this topic with students. 

Teresa Gerdes developed a session in which she used three historical figures (Guy Fawkes, Nelson Mandela and M. Luther King)  to examine how we can learn from the past in order to understand and contextualize the present. In addition, we had a look at these CLIL lessons intended for upper primary and secondary in order to tackle themes such as injustice, segregation and apartheid, examining strategies that will assist teachers and students to better organize the information that is to be obtained, and simultaneously improve their target language.

Antonio Roldán made an analysis on the role of teachers of English nowadays, providing us with good "food for thought".   

Trinidad Jérez, accompanied by two of her students, took a practical approach to the use of the interactive whiteboard to promote linguistic and digital competence in bilingual settings. 

Lots of techniques to increase students talking time were offered in David Bradshaw´s workshop on Speaking skill. 

Inspiring itself was Neda Mirova´s workshop on the topic of writing,  providing us with ideas to help students to express themselves and put language into action.

The experience of Cantalenguas song contest was also welcomed by the assistants. Juan Luque, Rosario Ramírez and María Sánchez, teachers from Colegio Séneca, showed their enjoyable experience in this foreign language song contest. They explained to the audience how motivating  songs are in order to learn English and the way they have worked on this with students. They have participated and won prizes in all the editions of this song contest, organized by the Teacher Training Center of Córdoba. This year they are also finalists and will perform in the great event IV Cantalenguas on the 10th of may. 

Ángela Luque, bilingual coordinator at Ferrobús school, showed how to design and use a "class made" Portfolio, and how to make it work as a didactic and evaluating tool. The present legal frame for bilingualism in Andalusia focuses even more on the implementation of PEL in our bilingual projects, both for language teachers and for non-linguistic subject teachers in order to measure the progress of their students' linguistic competence. 

Joanna Marriot, from the British Council, dealt with practical ways to address negative behaviour in the classroom. 
And so on and so forth...
Thanks everybody for coming, sharing and joining in!

Some photos of XIV Jornadas CETA "Let´s Join to Grow and Share":

Thanks to the students from the Youth Chamber Orchestra at IES Góngora who delighted us at the end of the  CETA XIV Conference:

Documents and presentations on XIV Jornadas CETA

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