9 de mayo de 2011

Visita de estudio "LOG ON TO EDUCATION" (Córdoba, mayo 2011)

Last week our teacher training center had the privilege of receiving a group of experts on ICT from some european countries (Scotland. France, Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Slovenia, Romania and Turkey).

They came on a study visit called "LOG ON TO EDUCATION- Improving methodology and teaching techniques through ICT", one of the study visits included in the Catalogue 2010-11 (pg.155).
The transversal study visits are part of the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP), a European funding programme which supports education and training across Europe. More information about study visits in the web of the Spanish Organisation for European Programmes (OAPEE).
This study visit has given them the chance to know our educational system, the use of ICT in schools and high schools in Córdoba, as well as, for all of us, to exchange expertise in education with other European colleagues. One of the objectives of the study visits programmes is the exchange of examples of good practice among the hosts and participants. Cedefop will select well-described projects/programmes/initiatives and disseminate them among former participants and wider public, including potential partners for future projects. Therefore they made a big effort to identify and describe all aspects that, in their view, make them successful and worth exploring.

The participants in this study visit had previously known each other  thanks to the wiki that my partner Paco Blázquez has created for this study visit, similarly to what we did the previous years (social network 2010 and study visit 2009).

The programme of this study visit not only included the wonderful presentation of my colleague Mª Luisa Ochoa, a teacher trainer at CEP of Huelva and who talked about ICT in Andalusía, but also some meetings with some spanish teachers in the schools and high schools they visited:
- Alhaken II High school
- Gran Capitán High school
- CEIP Juan de Mena
- CEIP Salvador Vinuesa

We knew participants' presentations about the use of new technologies in their schools and enjoyed an intensive cultural and fun programme in the afternoons. So, we hope all of them have enjoyed their stay in our city, Córdoba in may.

This is Mª Luisa´s presentation on ICT in Andalusia
Mª Luisa´s proposal on readings:
Digital natives, digital inmigrants (Prensky)
Engage me or enrage me (Prensky)
Web 2.0- Tools for teachers (Peachey)

In the visit to Alhaken II high school, Antonio Roldán used the following presentation to explain their ICTs history:

This study visit included a cultural program as well as some guided visits to monuments and places in our city::

- Tendillas square (virtual tour)
- The Mosque (virtual tour)
- The Castle of the Christian Monarchs
- Streets and squares
- Crosses festival
- The courtyards festival of Córdoba
- Eating and drinking in Córdoba (tapas, food, wine).  Tasting traditional dishes.

They have also been told about interesting web pages to download materials as Descartes/EDA Project for Mathematics.

I have to say I have particularly enjoyed their company and the interesting exchange of professional experiences. I think all of them are good professionals and the Teacher Training Center of Córdoba wishes all of them good luck...now and ever...

Some photos of their visit to Córdoba. I would love it if you left a comment too:

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